We install secondary containment systems in dike areas, curbs, tank bottoms and diversion systems. This lining plays a critical role in containing spills that could cause equipment failure, protecting from vandalism, operation error and overfills as well as preventing harmful chemical releases to the environment. In buildings, liners help prevent leakage that could cause alot of damage. It is strongly recommended that pumps, valves and pipes be contained within a secondary containment structure.

Liners are made from engineered fabrics specifically designed for petroleum and chemical containment. 
We can shop-fabricate panels in many sizes and shapes to meet all your field installation requirements. Stock materials can be engineered, custom fabricated, packaged and prepared for shipment within 48 hours.

Shop Fabrication:

• Individual liner panels can be shop fabricated under our quality control procedures for ease of field installation, while reducing field seams.  All shop welds are seamed using thermal welding equipment in a controlled environment.

• With shop fabrication, we are able to greatly reduce field installation times.

• Factory fabricated panels are provided in accordance with the installation drawings and are numbered for ease of installation.  Quality Control documents verifying seam integrity and material specifications are provided to the owner's representative.


• Field technicians provide technical support from field supervision to complete operation-ready installation.

• Installation of shop fabricated materials should be done by one of Fusion Lining technicians, or under the direction of a properly trained installer. Installation drawings are available.

• Seams are thermally welded and tested by a “vacuum test” - the most common accepted testing procedure.

• Liner systems are available with either adhesive or mechanical perimeter attachment, as well as leak detection and monitoring systems.

• Additional liner design, drawings, material specifications and installation details are available.